The needs

Architecture, urban planning, interior design, the sector of museum and scenic settings are areas in which the choice of furnishing elements is absolutely central. In these situations, the creation of a particular setting, the aesthetic yield and the technical quality of the selected furnishings are of central importance: elements that converge in the characteristics of the EPDM granular rubber flooring.

These floors are still little known and marginally used in these sectors because they are associated with completely different areas such as play areas for children and sports fields.

However, the advantages of these coatings are unparalleled in the context of special design applications. EPDM floors are a creative, original and impact choice in any indoor or outdoor situation where it is necessary to recreate a particular setting.

The characteristics of the system

The flooring systems proposed by BEN Progetti have important characteristics in the field of settings and sets, in particular they are:

  • Class 1 certificates of fire resistance (according to standard UNI 8457 9174) for use indoors
  • non-toxic (according to EN 71-3)
  • anti-slip (according to UNI standards)
  • draining (about 6 liters / min sq. m)
  • customizable as desired aesthetically both as color (20 colors to choose) and as decorations (possibility to create logos and designs both inlayed and painted)

In addition, they are completely customizable floorings also for technical aspects:

  • The compactness of the floor can be modified according to the needs: we are able to create hard and compact soils in the case of installations that have to bear the weight of works of art, structures, furniture and furnishings but we can also create very soft coatings when there it is the need, for example, to create the “sand” effect.
  • In the same way the thickness of the floor is adaptable: we can create flat coverings of 10 mm thickness as “waves” more or less high, we can cover bumps, inclined surfaces and in some cases even vertical surfaces.
  • The shapes that can take up the flooring are unlimited being a coating cast in place and handcrafted by our team.
  • The floor does not necessarily require a support for laying and can therefore be created in such a way as to be removable and moveable (creating “rubber sheets”).

The advantages

The flooring systems proposed by BEN Progetti are aesthetically beautiful and technically suitable for a very wide range of uses.

They can be used both indoors and outdoors, as they are also resistant to UV rays, wear and weathering.

The rough finish of these coatings ensures the anti-slip characteristics, a very important element to ensure the safety of users in the case of walkways, museum exhibitions, multifunctional spaces, theatrical sets, etc.

The systems are all draining so as not to create stagnant water that could compromise the safety of users as well as the functionality of the equipment. For example, this type of floor can be used in theatrical sets that use water in interiors, artificially recreating the “rain” effect.

Moreover, the EPDM rubber systems do not freeze in winter and do not overheat in the summer, they are exposed to the sun and can be walked on easily even barefoot.

The rubber floors are also partially sound-absorbing: in the case of falling objects on the floor they mitigate the impact and the noise of the fall.

The system can be installed on stable, smooth and dust-free substrates such as: cement, industrial resins, asphalt, tiles, wood, steel, etc. but it can also be placed on celophan that, once the floor has hardened, will be removed so as to create real “sheets” of rubber that can be cut out and transported as desired.

Projects completed

  • Theatrical scenography for the Teatro Regio of Parma for the Macbeth opera
  • Theatrical scenography for the La Scala Theater in Milan for the opera Attila
  • Exhibition spaces at the MUSE Science Museum in Trento
  • Implementation of the “KIP Spoon” at the UN Expo 2015 stand
  • “Nevicata 2014” urban design project of the Triennale di Milano in Piazza Castello for Expo 2015
  • “Coralli” area set up at the Genoa Aquarium
  • “Darwin” setting at the Oltremare park
  • “Pal Zileri” high fashion showroom, Milan
  • Advertising and playful corner “Acquario di Genova” at the Genoa airport
  • Pedestrian walkways in the crypt of the San Clemente Basilica in Rome
  • Preparation of the Ariis aquarium in Rivignano
  • Play area with reliefs from the “Library of Trees” project for the redevelopment of the “Garibaldi-Isola” area of Milan
  • Artistic set up at the “Borgo Caminata” Farmhouse, Ponte dell’Olio
  • Decorative public square at the Municipality of Porto Santo Stefano
  • Decorative public square with fountain and water games at the Municipality of Rosignano Marittimo.


These systems are suitable for achieving:

  • museum installations
  • theatrical sets
  • expositive spaces
  • showroom
  • special settings
  • urban layouts
  • public works of “urban design”
  • multi-purpose outdoor spaces
  • multi-function indoor surfaces

Space for imagination and creativity!

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