Shock-absorbing flooring for playgrounds

Outdoor Playgrounds Rubber Flooring

Kid’s play areas are a protected and easily recognizable space where children and adults can play safely.

In the play areas individual or inclusive play structures can be placed, which can stimulate interaction and familiarization with other children through the mechanism of sharing the gaming experience.

For less fortunate children with disabilities, facilities with improved accessibility are available, but this does not preclude the use and sharing of spaces by everyone.

Colors, decorations and reliefs

The shock-absorbing flooring is an essential component of the kids play areas rubber flooring, because it guarantees anti-fall and anti-slip safety, and defines its space, constituting itself – with colors, decorations and reliefs – a strong attraction.

You will have noticed how the children love to decorate the floors of the courtyards with colored chalk, to define the spaces and invent new group games.

Decorations activate imagination and can, with their evocative power, raise indelible memories in children.

Safety in the play areas

Over 200,000 times a year (US statistics) a child is involved in an accident in play areas that causes serious injuries to be brought to the emergency room. Of all the injuries in the playgrounds, 59% occur on contact with the ground. Many experts in the field and the CPSC (USA) committee agree that the most important component for child safety is the flooring (for complete statistics, we refer to the News section).

Vitriturf has dedicated expertise and resources to meet and exceed CPSC requirements and to offer durable functional and aesthetic features.
The safety of the play areas is guaranteed by the VPS shock-absorbing flooring system.

The VPS System (Vitriturf Playground System) is an shock-absorbing rubber flooring laid in place for the securing of play areas for children and teenagers. It is the ideal choice for paving playground areas for schools and public parks.

Features of the VPS System

The VPS System is a safety playground flooring applied on site that combines safety, absence of joints and an aesthetically unparalleled level of finishing.

Why choose the VPS System

The system has an unparalleled aesthetic performance specifically designed for play areas, and is equipped with the following main features:

  • shock-absorbing (certified according to the European standard EN1177 or the most servant American standards ASTM)
  • non-toxicity (certified according to EN 71-3)
  • anti-slip (tested according to UNI standards)
  • water drainage (about 6 liters / min sq. m).

The system is placed on rigid and compact substrates such as concrete, asphalt and other stable substrates.

Alternative for laying on the ground

In case you want to protect the environment, you can use, alternatively, the exclusive VTK System, which can be poured directly on the ground, with many advantages and significant savings.

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