Flooring for Theme Parks

Design and build attractions

Designing and building attractions in rubber flooring for theme parks requires great experience and attention to detail.

At the center of the project is the visitor, who wants to experience an intense and exciting experience in complete safety.

The choice of playground surface materials for the settings must take into account numerous aspects of an aesthetic, functional and constructive nature.

The realization of the attraction takes place in a very short time, with the almost total overlap of the different activities on site, with the impassable limit imposed by the opening date. Since the flooring is one of the last works, there are no margins due to unforeseen circumstances.

The VPX flooring (Outdoor rubber flooring)

The flooring is the key element of a setting, because it gives the spaces a particular connotation, able to convey different sensations: warmth, pleasantness, harmony, brilliance …

The VPX system (Vitriturf Playground Extreme) meets the stringent needs of theme parks:

  • incomparable aesthetics
  • high wear resistance
  • assistance during the design phase to define the minimum construction details
  • assistance in the implementation phase for the coordination of the works for the different building elements
  • rapid implementation times.


The VPX system is an shock-absorbtion outdoor rubber flooring laid in place for the securing of play areas and multi-purpose flooring areas for theme parks, consisting essentially of two layers:

  • basic mat (mat base) in granules or SBR or EPDM rubber chips, coming from recycling, which performs the function of absorbing the impact of the fall
  • wearing course in virgin EPDM rubber granules, which is the finish of the flooring, with decorative functions and non-toxic characteristics.


The system has an unparalleled aesthetic yield and is equipped with the following main features:

  • shock-absorbtion (certified according to the European standard EN1177 or the most servant American standards ASTM)
  • non-toxicity (certified according to EN 71-3)
  • anti-slip (ASTM E-303)
  • water drainage (> 6 liters / min sq. m)
  • fire resistance (Class 1 according to UNI 8457 9174)
  • access to the disabled (ADA 7/1990)
  • absence of bacterial proliferation (TSLR # 10697).

The system is placed on rigid and compact substrates such as concrete, asphalt and other stable substrates, but can be installed directly on the ground.

BEN Progetti has worked for important theme parks (Italy in Miniature, Le Cornelle, Gardaland, Oasi Park, Genoa Aquarium, Oltremare Park and many others).


BEN Progetti has extensive experience in the creation of areas for theme parks, water parks, museums and various scenic installations.

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