Paving for walkways

The safety of the walkways

Where there is no play equipment it is not necessary to ensure the attenuation of the fall impact and therefore there is no need of soft flooring.

However, safety remains important in many situations such as pedestrian and cycle paths, disabled areas, public squares that require a non-slip coating.

In the showrooms, in the playrooms and in the exhibition spaces, the creation of special settings is also required with an aesthetic impact with a certain impact.

Fire resistance certification is required in indoor applications.

Addressing all these needs is not easy.

The VMS System

The VMS system is a multi-purpose flooring that is used where the attenuation of the fall impact is not required, such as in walkways and multi-purpose areas, both indoors and outdoors.

It is aesthetically beautiful, customizable on request and technically suitable for a wide range of uses.

Being certified in Class 1 of fire resistance, it can be used indoors, but is also resistant to UV rays, wear and weather for outdoor use. It is not certified for the fall but its rough finish ensures the anti-slip characteristics and is draining so as not to create stagnant water that could compromise the safety of users.

The VMS system does not freeze in winter, it does not overheat in the summer exposed to the sun and can also be used barefoot as its EPDM rubber granule composition makes it comfortable to walk on.

System features

The system consists of a single layer of virgin EPDM rubber usually 10 mm thick; it is laid on stable, smooth and dust-free substrates such as: helicopted concrete, perfectly-cured concrete without gypsum rising, industrial resins, regular asphalt, smooth tiles, wood.

On the floor you can make decorations and designs to make the flooring aesthetically attractive or to create special settings.


The system has an unparalleled aesthetic yield and is equipped with the following main features:

  • non-toxicity (certified according to EN 71-3)
  • anti-slip (tested according to UNI standards)
  • water drainage (about 6 liters / min sq. m)
  • fire resistance (Class 1 according to the UNI 8457 9174 standard).


VMS flooring is very versatile and adapts to many design ideas and functional needs and is referenced by hundreds of projects realized in 20 years of experience in various applications:

  • pedestrian and / or cycle paths
  • alleys and walkways
  • public squares and outdoor multipurpose spaces
  • Free-body play areas and play areas
  • disabled areas
  • condominium courtyards and common areas
  • exhibition spaces and showrooms
  • multi-function indoor surfaces
  • bridges of cruise ships
  • special settings.

The system is laid directly on stable supports (concrete, asphalt, self-locking, etc.).

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