Sports floors

Sports floors

The Vitriturf Sport range includes different types of multi-purpose sports floors, ideal for various indoor and outdoor activities, including:

  • basketball, volleyball, soccer, handball and multisport
  • fitness rooms, gyms and crossfit
  • bowling.

These floors are cast in place and involve different finishes, depending on the chosen system:

  • rubber wear layer (VSP system) composed of a single layer of virgin EPDM rubber granules, which constitutes the finish of the flooring, with decorative functions and characteristics of non-toxic, anti-slip, drainage and fire resistance. This system is specific to outdoor basketball and multi-sport fields.
  • spray finish (VE system): multilayer (sprayed layers) in EPDM rubber powder and colored polyurethane resin, which clogs and covers the SBR recycled rubber base mat, creating a resistant finish, particularly suitable for five-a-side football.
  • finish in acrylic resin (VAR system) that is laid directly on a closed-grained asphalt surface. The system is waterproof and suitable for all sports.

The systems have an excellent aesthetic result and are equipped with the following main features:

  • non-toxicity (certified according to EN 71-3)
  • fire resistance in Class 1 (according to UNI standards) for EPDM rubber systems
  • anti-slip (tested according to UNI standards)
  • water drainage (where required, about 6 liters / min sq. m).

All systems are installed on rigid and compact substrates such as concrete, asphalt and other stable substrates.

The EPDM rubber granule finish is particularly suitable for indoor surfaces, such as floor for fitness rooms, gyms and cross-fit as it is certified Class 1 of fire resistance.

The spray-finish solution is ideal for outdoor surfaces where excellent wear resistance is required, while exterior acrylic resin surfaces, to be installed on smooth and even asphalt substrates, are economical, versatile and suitable for the practice of all the sports.

Our sports floors adapt to a variety of situations in terms of:

  • type of background
  • new surface or renewal
  • intensity of use
  • budget

BEN Progetti offers “turnkey” solutions taking care of everything necessary for the realization:

  • supply of flooring
  • supply and installation of sports equipment
  • tracking of the playing lines (painting).

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