Flooring for water games

Outdoor water play flooring are an irresistible attraction for children and are also very popular with adult chaperones on hot summer days.

Flooring in wet areas requires the following qualities:

  • antislip
  • decorative effect and pleasant setting
  • absence of bacterial proliferation and mold
  • comfort in contact with the skin in support or walking
  • draining capacity
  • ability to evacuate rainwater and water from the hydraulic circuit,
  • respectively
  • ease of cleaning
  • absence of maintenance
  • resistance to thermal excursions
  • resistance to chlorine
  • frost resistance in high humidity conditions.

Finding all these features together in one product is not easy.

The Vitriturf solution

VPX and VMS flooring systems are available in specially designed versions for water games.

This is the ideal solution, because they have all the qualities shown above, both for the immersed areas and for those of the beach.

The floorings are made of EPDM water play rubber with single-layer or double-layer solutions, depending on the conditions of the substrate and the conditions for the recycling of water added with chlorine and for the evacuation of rainwater.


The VMS flooring systems have the following characteristics:

  • always dry because highly draining (6 l / min sq. m)
  • unparalleled aesthetic effect
  • anti-slip (UNI standards)
  • very comfortable to touch and walk, cool in summer and warm in winter,
  • thanks to the insulating power of rubber
  • resistant to chemical agents
  • non-toxic (UNI-EN71-3 standard)
  • fall arrester (UNI-EN1177 standard)
  • durable
  • adaptable
  • certified for indoor use (fire resistance class 1)

The system can be placed directly on the waterproofing sheath, or on another stable and waterproof substrate.

You can make decorations and designs to make the flooring for parks with water playground aesthetically attractive or to create special settings.


Vitriturf VMS flooring is very versatile and adapts to various design ideas and functional requirements and is referenced by approx. 10 thousand projects realized in 30 years in the United States and in the world, from the Arctic to the Equator.

Some examples of achievements:

  • Fontane pazze di Prezzemolo, Gardaland
  • Attrazione Boucanier
  • Cannonacqua, Italia in Miniatura
  • Gardaland 1
  • Valamar Krk
  • Aquamar Lanterna
  • La Rocca Camping Village
  • Oltremare
  • Centro acquatico di Casnigo
  • Spina Camping Village
  • Piazza Secca di Rosignano

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