Acrylic resin for sports fields and play areas - VAR system

Acrylic resin is an excellent solution for the creation of a synthetic, versatile, comfortable and multifunctional surface that can accommodate different sports disciplines, but at the same time that does not require maintenance and with a high resistance to abrasion and atmospheric agents. It can be used both for the creation of outdoor sports fields (volleyball, basketball, five-a-side football, handball, tennis, etc.) and for the creation of children’s play areas, where it has not fallen from above (ie near the paths or as decorative outline on the perimeter of anti-trauma flooring).

The VAR system must be installed on a homogeneous asphalt (closed-grained) substrate, with inclinations for the drainage of the ‘rain water.

The system is composed of a layer of turapors necessary to clog the pores of the bituminous carpet and a second layer of styrene-acrylic resin, for a total thickness of about 2.0 mm.

The formulation based on hard resins, UV-resistant pigments and selected sands make this type of resin ideal for multiple uses.

Once the hardened surface can be made then painted decorations such as the “Mondo Game” or draw lines for the sport of the desired colors. The range of colors is wide and includes both standard sports shades: brick red, green (dark and light), blue (dark and light) and more original colors (dark purple, lilac, orange, gray and other colors on request for quantities minimum) in order to personalize the spaces at will.

The colors are bright and the aesthetic effect is guaranteed!

The solution is ideal for school, parish and public sports fields or for the courtyards and whenever there are large areas to cover as it is an economical and quick application.

The Municipality of Milan, the Municipality of Rho, the Municipality of Almenno San Salvatore, the Sporting Club Milano 3 and several Lombard speakers have already resorted to this solution. Summer is the ideal season for laying these coatings because the acrylic resin during installation fears humidity and cold, so do not wait! If you have a project in mind and you want to create a new surface of this type, contact BEN Progetti immediately!

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