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Being able to walk in peace by placing your foot on a soft floor, which takes care of the body without tiring, is the peculiarity of the path made at the Alzheimer Diurno di Treviolo Cooperative Namastè ( , entirely dedicated to a dozen Alzheimer’s patients who attend the facility every day.

Referring to the “kind care” care model, a welcoming and familiar environment was created, as if it were a spacious home, without losing its therapeutic function, designing an environment where lights, colors, spaces, furnishings and floors can reduce the dangers and do not create disturbances.

It is in this vision of protection and comfort that the walkway of the entire garden has been realized, using a Vitriturf® pedestrian pavement VMS System. (for more technical details The VMS System consists of a single layer of 100% EPDM virgin rubber directly resting on a regular surface: in this specific case the customer has expressly requested a greater thickness that would make the walk particularly soft – and I would like to add very pleasant! There is the feeling of being enveloped by the floor … – as well as anti-trauma to protect guests of the structure from any falls.

All the sharp corners have been smoothed and the various differences in height leveled, creating a homogeneous walkway with the surrounding ground, so as to avoid any possible cause of tripping. The anti-trauma path fits perfectly into the natural surrounding of the green and accompanies the patient to reach the various areas of the path where it is possible to sit comfortably seated on the bench, under the shade of green trees, or reach the fence dedicated to “Pet Therapy” “, Thanks to the donkeys friends, to move to the cultivation of the small vegetable garden at a man’s height, full of seasonal seedlings.

A “journey” in the reality of those who are hostages of the disease that steals memories, full of stimuli, emotions and lots of comfort.

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