Loans and facilitations

Public funds

The Ministry of Education coordinates a series of interventions aimed at the redevelopment of school facilities, including:

  • The Safe Schools program provides the Local Authorities with funds to finance the renovation of the school buildings.
  • EIB (European Investment Bank) loans to support the safety, maintenance, renovation of buildings and new buildings.

Private funds

The banking foundations are distinguished in the provision of funds to support projects of development of social interest.

Public tender

BEN Progetti can provide assistance in preparing the necessary documentation to participate in calls for tenders.


BEN Progetti every year commits the organizational and economic resources available to support projects of particular social importance.

The support is directed, in particular, to school-age and pre-school children and their families.

The support consists in a substantial participation at cost – in addition to payment facilities – for the realization of projects of particular social value for the benefit of nurseries, schools for children, parishes and oratories with limited financial resources.

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