Codes and standards

Below are the references of the main technical standards applicable to safety flooring.

Game areas

In the children’s play areas the following regulations are applicable:

  • UNI EN1176 – This standard specifies the general safety requirements for equipment and surfaces for public play areas permanently installed.
  • UNI EN 1177 – This regulation concerns surface coating of playgrounds to mitigate the impact, defining the test methods to determine the attenuation of the impact with the HIC method (Head Injury Criterion) and is implemented throughout the territory of the ‘European Union. This standard is less strict than the corresponding ASTM F1292, used in the United States and taken internationally.
  • ASTM F1292 – (Standard Specification for Impact Attenuation of Surfacing Materials) This standard specifies impact mitigation performance requirements for playground surfaces and provides a means to determine the attenuation performance of the playgrounds. impact using a test method that simulates the impact of a child’s head with the surface (HIC method).


  • EN 71-3 – The standard specifies the requirements and test methods for verifying the migration of potentially toxic substances from materials constituting toys and toy parts.

Fire prevention

  • UNI 8457: 2010 – The standard describes the method for the fire resistance test of materials used in construction and their classification according to current legislation (D.M. 26-06-84 and D.M. 03-09-01).

Quality of sports surfaces

  • DIN 18035-6 – This standard specifies the requirements for synthetic surfaces for sports, especially concerning the release of potentially harmful substances..

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