Rubber-Friends - 3D Animals: experience a new way to play!

BEN Progetti offers a new way to play, thanks to RubberFriends: beautiful, original and functional, they are play equipment but also accessories for street furniture. They are silhouettes of prefabricated animals, made of robust fiberglass and covered by hand in 100% EPDM rubber, not from the recycling industry and completely non-toxic. They comply with safety regulations and are entirely produced in the EU:

They can be placed in play areas, in public parks, in school playgrounds, in shopping centers, in theme parks and wherever there are areas equipped for children, both indoors and outdoors. They can be placed either on a concrete or asphalt substrate (tessellated to the substrate) or on ground (supported). They do not require any care over time and are very durable.

These shapes develop the imagination and creativity of children, promote mobility, meeting and exchange and interactivity with other children; they can be climbed and ridden safely because their height does not exceed 120 cm. They do not necessarily require the underlying security flooring, but to deliver a finished work, BEN Progetti can also take care of the supply of surrounding anti-trauma plates or the laying of a cast rubber floor covering, with VPS system for play areas: https: // www / anti-trauma-play areas /

Most of the templates exist in both standard version – dimensions of approx. 160 x180 x 90 cm (h), weighing around 180 kg – that in the “mini” version lighter and more compact, suitable for smaller children and less large play areas, with dimensions of approx. cm 98 x 120 x 80 (h) -weight around 70 kg.

Each shape has its own particularity: the Crab and the Octopus develop balance; the Porcupine challenges climbing; the Spider invites to swing on his long legs; the Elephant allows it to slide along its trunk thanks to the built-in slide; Sleeping Farmer invites you to sit down and rest on his belly.

In addition there are also: mushrooms and balusters for the creation of suspended walkways; the hillock with the tunnel that imitates the rabbit’s den and makes you want to hide; colored dice for the decoration of the play areas; the spacecraft also equipped with a slide that will touch the sky with a finger and then return again “with your feet on the ground”.

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