Renew an athletics track

What is the right Athletics Track flooring system?

In realizing an athletic track it is necessary to consider what will be its final destination, since it is possible to design slopes of different types that differ considerably from each other for technical and regulatory characteristics.

The realization of an athletic track requires a considerable economic investment, as well as having to respect strict and unavoidable international standards IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federation – Track and Field Facilities Manual) transmitted in Italy by CONI, through the specific Circular FIDAL Plants (Federation Italiana di Athletica Leggera) 2015, also for what are called Promotional Equipment, dedicated to school slopes and public parks.

The Italian Athletics Federation divides the athletics facilities into three large families:

  • Activity Plants: Plants of various types on which it is possible to organize competitions to organize competitions for official competitions. They are divided into Class A / B / I / R / EA systems
  • Operating Facilities: Plants potentially belonging to Classes A, B, I and R, also with EA, which, due to lack of adequate equipment, for non-compliant construction of the new or reconstructed surface, due to the changed conditions of the ideal state of conservation of the surface, due to the changed conditions of the structure of one or more components of the plant itself can no longer be used for the organization of competitive events, at least until factors that restore the ideal condition, so as to guarantee the FIDAL the safe and correct technical-sporting performance of competitions and the regular recognition of results.
  • Promotional plants: Also defined for 0 km systems, are the outdoor or indoor school facilities and the “Athletics (Play) Ground” made with any type of plan, with a synthetic surface of the 3rd band. The Promotional Plants are plants subject to “Dimensional Verification” only, on which Student and Youth Events can be held.

Whenever you are preparing to build a new facility or modify, in part or totally, existing facilities, you must take into account the actual presence of athletic activities in the area, trying to contribute to a greater dissemination of athletic culture, including through the proposal of “Promotional Plants” (or “0 km Plants”) that are undoubtedly more accessible and manageable by local authorities.

Promotional installations

They are smaller installations in terms of size and costs, often used as support structures for large installations, destined for Municipalities of large cities or in smaller municipalities, or as components of athletics to be included in existing multidisciplinary sports facilities, both public and private. They are divided into two structures:

  • Athletics (play) ground: free play areas and activities related to athletics and not only, to be carried out in public squares, public gardens and municipal parks;
  • School facilities: new or existing, in which, as in the forecasts of a Government study, once the teaching hours have been completed, they will be opened to the Community and activities coordinated by the Sport Societies will be possible.

We realize an athletics track with BEN

BEN Progetti proposes a VSS SYSTEM, consisting of a single layer of black recycled rubber and subsequent finishing by spraying a mixture, consisting of an EPDM granule and colored polyurethane paint.

A different topic requires the design of a Class A / B / I / R / EA track, given above all by the complexity and the quantity of rules to be respected.

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