Safety Tiles

Tiles, plates, carpets and shock-absorbing tiles

As an alternative to poured in place flooring, BEN Progetti offers a complete range of outdoor and indoor tiles, for securing or making aesthetically pleasing small and medium surface areas.

The range includes: shock-absorbing tiles; non-slip rubber mats for multipurpose areas; recycled rubber tiles with synthetic grass finishing for children’s play areas; rubber plates for stables and horse boxes, rubber squares for outdoor use; interlocking rugs and tatami for indoor use for gyms, nurseries and psychomotor zones; crossfit plates and self-locking rubber tiles for paths and walkways.

All models of plates and mats are easy and quick to install as they are prefabricated and equipped with connectors for interlocking or jigsaw. Depending on the models, the plates can be glued to the regular and stable underlay with polyurethane adhesive or simply placed on the ground. To know the prices of the various models request a free quote and without obligation!

What is the best solution for you?

  • Safety tiles in recycled rubber for outdoor use
  • Safety tiles for stables and stalls
  • Carpet with interlocking puzzle for children
  • Safety tiles for fitness and crossfit
  • Safety tiles with synthetic grass finishing

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