VMS Flooring System

The multi-purpose system suitable for multiple needs

The VMS system is a multi-purpose system that is used where attenuation of the impact of fall is not required as in pedestrian paths and multi-functional indoor and outdoor areas.

It is ideal for paving paths and walkways, free-body play areas, common condominium areas, indoor and outdoor multifunctional spaces, etc.

You can make decorations and designs to make the poured playground rubber flooring aesthetically attractive or to create special settings.

Technical specifications

The system consists of a layer laid in accordance with the following specifications:

Wearing course

  • Application on the subbase of primer made of one-component aromatic polyurethane resin
  • Laying of the wearing surface by application and manual shaving with trowel, according to project thickness, of a mixture of single-component aromatic polyurethane resin and granules of granular synthetic poured rubber EPDM (ethylene-propylene diene) colored at the origin, with suitable granulometry (alternatively: 0.5-1.5 mm, 1.0-3.5 mm)

The system is laid on smooth and rigid substrates (concrete screed, regular asphalt, unpolished tiles, wood, etc.).


The system has an unparalleled aesthetic yield and is equipped with the following main features:

  • non-toxicity (certified according to EN 71-3)
  • anti-slip (tested according to UNI standards)
  • water drainage (about 6 liters / min sq. m)
  • fire resistance (Class 1 according to the UNI 8457 9174 standard).


The system is laid directly on stable supports to achieve:

  • pedestrian routes
  • disabled areas
  • condominium common areas
  • special settings
  • indoor surfaces
  • museums
  • theme parks
  • bridges of cruise ships.


The VMS poured rubber playground flooring is very versatile and adapts to various design ideas and functional requirements and is referenced by approx. 10 thousand projects realized in 30 years in the United States and in the world, from the Arctic to the Equator.

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