VAR Flooring System

Sports floors in acrylic resin

VAR (Acrylic Resin) is the system designed for multi-sport applications (basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, etc.). It consists of layers of primer or turpent and of acrylic resin to be installed on a smooth and regular undercoat in non-draining asphalt (other types of substrate are not allowed). This system does not include anti-trauma characteristics.

Technical specifications

The VAR System consists of several layers made in succession, as follows:

  • Formation of the playing surface consisting of a synthetic coating that has the function of occluding the porosity of the bituminous mat (turapori) or a specific primer for wet surfaces and a special paste of the desired color or colors.
  • Execution of the regulation of the playing fields with a special white paint consisting of pigmentations with high covering power.

The overall thickness of the applied layers is about 1.5 – 2.0 mm; it is therefore necessary that the substrate is smooth, regular and equipped with suitable slopes for the drainage of rainwater.


On the surface of the VAR flooring the play lines of the desired color are drawn using styrene-acrylic resin.


The mixture of styrene-acrylic elastomeric copolymers – which has a high covering power and excellent elasticity – allows to obtain, together with the correct sealing of the layers of bituminous conglomerate, a surface with excellent versatility and resistance for the practice of different sports such as basketball, volleyball, soccer etc.

The surface obtained ensures excellent sports performance, is durable over time, requires no maintenance and is particularly resistant to ultraviolet radiation and weather.


Intended use: multisport fields (basketball, volleyball, soccer, bowling fields, etc.).

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