VSI Flooring System

VSI system for gyms and indoor multi-sport fields

The VSI system (Vitriturf Sport Indoor) is an ideal multi-sports system for the lining of gyms, indoor sports facilities, gymnasiums and areas.

The underlying EPDM granular rubber mat and the self-leveling polyurethane resin finish make the surface elastic and resistant, suitable for all team sports.

The system reduces the risk of slipping, contains muscle fatigue to the athletes, ensures better ball rebounds thanks to the application by casting that forms a uniform surface, without joints, ensuring the maintenance of technical performance over time.

The system is resistant to abrasion and load, having a base in rubber granule the floor is comfortable to walk on.

The system also offers a high level of acoustic comfort and is also ideal for covering heated floors.

The finish is perfectly smooth and therefore easy to clean. The system does not require maintenance over time.

As the system for indoor use is certified to fire Class 1.


Multi-layered surface consisting of:

  • Laying of a rubber layer (base mat) in 100% EPDM rubber granule in 1 – 4 mm particle size for a thickness of 10 mm. This layer is not prefabricated but rather cast in place, so there are no joints that could open up over time.
  • Laying a coat of turpori (two-component polyurethane paste) at a rate of 1.0 – 1.5 kg / sqm to clog the pores of the rubber mat making the surface smooth and homogeneous.
  • Laying a coat of two-component self-leveling polyurethane resin in brick red or green (other colors on request – see color range – for surfaces over 350 square meters) at a rate of 2.7 kg / sqm.
  • Laying a coat of two-component polyurethane finish (in the ratio of 0.2 kg / sqm) for the protection of the surface, the same color as the previous self-leveling, but with a matte finish to avoid the glare of light on the sports surface. This finish gives UV resistance, is anti-reflective and has the right anti-slip properties typical of indoor gyms.
  • Painting of sports lines with high-covering polyurethane paint and colors of your choice.


School gymnasiums, municipal sports halls, sports centers with indoor multisport courts, gym rooms or indoor fitness areas.

The system is suitable for basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, badminton, handball, 5-a-side football.


The system is installed on a smooth and regular concrete slab, clean and free from rising damp (see attached specifications).

Distinctive traits of the proposed system

  • The system has the following characteristics:
  • it has no joints being cast in place and not prefabricated
  • smooth and homogeneous pavement, easy to clean
  • fire resistance certification for indoor use
  • completely non-toxic system
  • suitable for all sports
  • resistant to wear and to load
  • thanks to the elastic composition with a high thickness, and the consequent high shock absorption capacity, the system guarantees greater safety for the players and comfort, as well as a perfect rebound of the ball
  • it does not require maintenance and maintains its performance over time

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