VPX Flooring System

The VPX “concept” (Splash pad manufacturers)

VPX (Playground Extreme) is the safety flooring for special applications, where the supply includes assistance services to the Customer for the selection and development of the technical solution to be adopted and for the coordination of the intervention in the implementation phase, in agreement with the design configuration of the Customer.

The VPX system is adopted in complex special projects and in severe conditions of use, as in the case of theme parks, water games, fountains or for the creation of special environments (theme areas, installations and sets).

Conceptually, each VPX system is designed specifically for the desired application, drawing on the vast experience gained in flooring applications.

Specifications (indicative)

The System consists of one, two or more layers laid in succession and in accordance with the following general specification (which may vary according to the specific application):

Base mat

  • Application, on the approved substrate, of primer made of one-component aromatic polyurethane resin
  • Laying of the base mat, according to the thicknesses defined in the Offer, consisting of a mixture of shavings or granules of SBR rubber and one-component polyurethane resin.

Wear coat

  • Application on the substrate (that is on the base mat) of primer made of one-component aromatic polyurethane resin
  • Laying of the wearing surface by application and manual shaving with trowel, according to project thickness, of a mixture of single-component aromatic polyurethane resin and granules of granular synthetic rubber EPDM (ethylene-propylene diene) colored at the origin, with suitable granulometry (alternatively: 0.5-1.5 mm, 1.0-3.5 mm)

Wet areas (Splash pad surfaces)

Vitriturf VPX safety floors for water games and swimming pools are designed to offer users maximum safety, pleasantness of use and aesthetics.

From the technical point of view, the presence of water and chlorine, which is a strong oxidizing agent, requires great experience and special measures in the design and construction of flooring systems and related sub-floors. There are essentially two distinct project configurations:

  • drowned systems (the floor is submerged by water in the use phase)
  • “dry” systems (the floor is not submerged and you want the water to be evacuated and reabsorbed).


The main features of the VPX system for water play and pool deck areas are:

  • cast in place without junctions
  • anti-trauma (certified according to the European standard EN1177 or the
  • most servant American standards ASTM)
  • non-toxicity (certified according to EN 71-3)
  • resistance to bacterial proliferation (TSLR standard # 10697)
  • anti-slip (ASTM E-303)
  • water drainage (> 6 liters / min sq. m)
  • resistance to chemical agents (chlorine and other disinfectants)
  • fire resistance (Class 1 according to UNI 8457 9174 standards).

The system is typically made up of two layers:

  • base mat made of recycled EPDM rubber granules, which performs the function of absorbing the impact of the fall and background
  • wearing course in virgin EPDM rubber granules, which is the finish of the flooring, with decorative functions and non-toxic characteristics.

The system is placed on rigid and compact substrates such as concrete and other stable substrates.

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