VTK Flooring System

Applications (Pour in place rubber)

The VTK system (Vitriturf TurnKey System) is an shock-absorbing rubber flooring laid in place for the securing of play areas for children and teenagers, consisting of two layers (base rug and wearing surface), with direct laying on the ground.

The main applications of the system are: public and private play areas, school playgrounds, kindergartens, parks and gardens. The VTK System is adopted as an alternative to the VPS System in cases where a non-invasive solution is required, compatible with the presence of trees and plantings.

Fall protection performance is equivalent to a VPS system of the same thickness.

The VTK System is used for outdoor applications.


The system adapts to the project configuration envisaged by the Customer and consists of two layers laid in succession and in accordance with the following specifications:

Preparation of the subbase

  • Preparation of the substrate by scarifying and regularizing the laying surface, without using mechanical means
  • Predisposition of specific basic elements and contours defined by BEN Progetti in relation to the characteristics of the substrate, the surrounding vegetation and the hydrological situation

Basic mat (base mat)

  • Laying of the base mat, according to the thicknesses defined in relation to the height of fall, consisting of a mixture of shavings or granules of SBR rubber and one-component VITRITURF® polyurethane resin.

Wear (wearing course)

  • Application on the substrate (that is on the base mat) of VITRITURF® primer made of one-component aromatic polyurethane resin
  • Laying of the wearing surface by application and manual shaving with trowel, according to project thickness, of a mixture of VITRITURF® single-component aromatic polyurethane resin and granules of granular synthetic rubber EPDM (ethylene-propylene diene) colored at the origin, with suitable granulometry ,

In the following images you can see the typical installation sections of a VTK System.

Requirements for the background

The system is laid on stable ground both from the point of view of the sustainable static load and from the hydrological point of view.

Drainage requirements

The site must be inspected to verify the path of rainwater, existing drainage systems and soil drainage capacities. The laying of the system excludes the possibility of creating artifacts that can change the path of rainwater in the area affected by the project.

Decorations (Wet pour rubber)

The decorations are generally performed with the help of templates made on the basis of the project drawings. The finish of the joints is treated with particular attention to ensure maximum strength of the joints.


The system has an unparalleled aesthetic yield and is equipped with the following main features:

  • shock-absorbing (according to the European standard EN1177 or to the more stringent American ASTM standards), with certified drop height according to the thickness of the flooring
  • non-toxicity (certified according to EN 71-3)
  • anti-slip (certified according to UNI standards)
  • draining capacity (about 6 liters / min sq. m).

The main applications of the system are: public and private play areas, school playgrounds, kindergartens and all situations in which it is necessary to absorb a fall height, which is defined according to the H.I.C. system. (Head Injury Criteria).

The fall height and the protection area are defined by the game constructions defined according to the European standard EN1176. In principle, the height of fall is measured by taking as reference the height that can be reached and from which the child can fall due to the absence of protections.

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